A text-centered multiplayer rpg game based on forum work. Create your account, create your story, and jump into this world playing through either one of the many storylines or simply completing quests and battling it out with friends.
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You're done!!
That wasn't do bad was it?
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Now that you've learned how to play, you can go ahead and create your character.
Do this by going to the "--Tutorial--" forum and clicking character creation.
Remember you need to make a topic with your character name, age, story, and desired race (human/elf).

BEFORE YOU DO THAT---------> Take some time to read the stories and advantages of each race before choosing which you wish to be.

The Humans

Humans are humanoid beings that have average EVERYTHING. They specialize in Melee combat and magic combat (but CAN do range). Their story is as follows:

Soon after the world was created, the two sister goddesses, Reina and Efeline, decided that their should be more than just land, sea, and air. They wanted their to be living creatures. Beings with their own minds to roam and interact, and... live. Reina wanted the beings to be completely individual. She wanted every being of the race to seem special individually. She gave them power to reach amazing feats and organize and lead themselves. She believed in diversity and freedom. She used the goddess power of creation to create the humans. They soon evolved to be a distinct race. They had more crime and evil-doing than previously seen, but the individuality gave birth to heroes who stood out like gods. They were led by King Lenden, a man who quickly spread his roots around the world, but was mysteriously murdered...

The Elves

Elves are graceful, sleek beings that possess a strong visionary sense and specialize in ranged and magic skills (but can do melee). Their story is:

The other goddess, Efeline, thought differently. She wanted the living beings to resemble gods like them. She wanted every individual in her race to live to try to become as powerful and high as a god. She believed in supremacy and ideology. She used her goddess power of creation to create the humans. They soon evolved to become another flourishing race. They had much less crime than the humans, but their goals were much more arrogant and bland: To prove themselves more supreme and godlike than any other race. They are led by Efel, a beautiful woman who resembles Goddess Efeline herself.

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