A text-centered multiplayer rpg game based on forum work. Create your account, create your story, and jump into this world playing through either one of the many storylines or simply completing quests and battling it out with friends.
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PostSubject: Dungeons   Dungeons I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 22, 2011 12:18 am

Sat sri akaal!

This lesson will teach you about dungeons.

A dungeon is a specific location which you enter and encounter monsters to defeat. At the end is a boss, which, when defeated, is the completion of the dungeon. Completing dungeons gives you AMAZING rewards from an admin.
How do you do a dungeon? Let's find out!!!

There are three types of dungeons (as of right now):
-role play dungeons
-battle dungeons
-mix dungeons

Role play dungeons:
Role playing means to pretend or imagine the role of your character in a certain scene. In a role play dungeon, if you wish to complete it, here is how:
-Create a topic in the dungeon's forum.
-In the main body of the first post, specify if you are bringing along any friends (if you are, specify the posting order).
-Also specify if any quest is active.
-Begin a roleplay where you defeat the monsters. (it must be a certain number of posts or above, depending on the dungeon.You can find the number in the description under the dungeon forums name).
-At the end, your party must fight a boss. Role play this. The quality of your role play determines if you win or lose and if you win, your reward. (an admin will decide)

Battle Dungeons:
Battle dungeons are where you battle many enemies until you reach a boss that you must fight.
-create a topic in the dungeon forum.
-In the main body of the first post, specify if you are bringing along any friends (if you are, specify the attack order of your team). Also specify if you are doing any quest related to the dungeon.
-Wait for an admin to come online (usually always). You can ask in the chatbox too. The admin will be the several monsters.
-Defeat all monsters until admin says a boss is arriving.
-Defeat the boss.
-If you beat the boss, you complete the dungeon.

Mix Dungeons:
Mix dungeons are a mix of role play and battle. The description of the dungeon will notify how it's done.

Well, that's about it.
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