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PostSubject: Shopping/Selling   Shopping/Selling I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 22, 2011 12:09 am

Hey there!!!

You're doing great!!!

This lesson will teach you all about shopping.
What is shopping?
-buying and selling items to benefit the user.

If you go to the forum "shop", you will find many forums there. These forums are where you can browse for specific items like weapons, armor, skills, books, and pets.

To buy things, you must use "Gold." Gold is received through doing quests, winning bets, and posting. (5 gold per post)

-These are equipment items to boost your attack in battle. There are swords, staffs, and bows.

-These are equipment items that boost your over all stats, like health and mana.

-Skills are the attacks you use in battle. Buying more will give you more options and strategies to win with. You can rank up every skill to make it do more damage and have special effects, etc.

-Books are one of two things:
1) Either a set of skills at a set rank that cannot be ranked up.
2) Items used for special quests.

-Pets are creatures you can buy to aid you in battle. You may summon them at anytime during the battle, and they serve almost as a second person being controlled by you.


So how do you buy/sell items?
There are two methods to efficiently and quickly buy items:

Method 1:

-Open up word.
-copy and paste every item you want to buy into a word document (price and everything).
-Go to the main forums, then go to shop, then buying.
-Make a topic called "buying", and in the body, copy and paste everything from the word document into the topic.
-Wait for approval. (the items will be transferred to your stats)

Method 2 (Recommended):

-When starting up the site, open it in two tabs (if your browser allows).
-In one tab, create a topic called buying.
-In the other tab, copy and paste each item you wish to buy into the topic in the first tab.
-Wait for approval.
(I recommend playing with two tabs for ease of shopping, accessing stats when fighting, and browsing the forums while in post).


Selling items is quite easy and similar.
Simply create a topic in the selling forum called selling, and copy and paste everything into your topic, but attach a price you wish to sell for next to each item.
Wait for someone to buy.
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