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 Battle Manual

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PostSubject: Battle Manual   Battle Manual I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 21, 2011 11:38 pm


This lesson is going to be extremely important!!!

Today, we will be learning about:


There are three main things to remember about fighting:

1.) It is turn based.
2.) You use mana/stamina/health to do damage to your opponents until they reach 0 health.
3.) You need to use your skills to deal damage, so KEEP YOUR STATS OPEN, either in a separate tab/window, or copied onto a word document or something.

Our battle system is not hard to pick up at all. It may seem hard at first, but it becomes much more smoother and exciting after the first few battles. Let's move onto the mehcanics of battling.

Step one: The start of the match

To start a match, create a topic in the appropriate forum. The title of the topic should be something like "Me vs. (whoever)." In the body of the topic message, you should state who all is fighting, on which team if there are multiple people, and any bets being made. You should also state the order of attacking if there are multiple people.
Then wait for every member to reply saying something like "approved" or "agreed." Once everyone has replied, the person who attacks first may go ahead and take their turn.
*NOTE: if you are doing a quest for the battle, BE SURE TO INCLUDE THAT IN THE FIRST POST

Step two: Taking a turn

Say the first person is about to go. Here is what they should do:
-make sure their stats are open and ready to be referred to.
-Select a skills to use. After EACH SKILL, you MUST state who you are attacking with THAT SKILL.
-Subtract the total mana/stamina used for that turn. (and health if you had to use health)
Optional things:
-If you are equipping a weapon or armor, you must do so in YOUR FIRST TURN. So if it is your first turn, after you have copied and pasted your skills, you should type in something like this:
-Short sword(+10 damage) A small metal sword.
-Leather Armor(+30 health) Armor that is made of leather.
-Leather Helm(+10 health) A cap made of leather.

and THEN, post how much mana/stamina/health you have left.

Step three: Taking your turn (not the first)

After the first person has taken their turn, the next person shall take theirs. Suppose it is a 1 on 1 battle. The first person takes their turn, and now it is your turn. This is what you do:
-[Optional but recommended][u]Click on "quote", which will be found as a button on THEIR post.
-copy and paste the skills you are using into your post.
-Equip any weapon/armor.
-THEN, type in how much health/mana/stamina you have left.
So say the person did 200 damage to you, and you are about to use an attack on them that costs 100 stamina. If you have a total of 300/300 health, 300/300 mana, 300/300 stamina, on your turn, you would type in 100/300 health, 300/300 mana, 200/300 stamina. That's because you took 200 damage, and you used 100 stamina.

So, now it's the other person's turn again. Let's say the attack you did (that cost 100 stamina) did 200 damage. They would then put in the skills they are using, and type in (for their total health) 100/300 health.


-If you are planning on using a pet in the battle, you may use it at ANY TIME, and it does NOT count as one of your skills. HOWEVER, if you are using a summoning skill that makes a temporary pet, then it DOES take up one of your skills.

-You may only use TWO SKILLS per turn until you reach level 10, where you can use THREE SKILLS per turn. IF A SKILL SAYS "Does not take up skill use" THEN THAT MEANS IT DOES NOT COUNT AS A SKILL, SO YOU MAY USE THE NORMAL 2 OR 3 SKILLS PER TURN.

-The format for recording your remaining health/mana/stamina is below:
remaining health/total health health
remaining mana/total mana mana
remaining stamina/total stamina stamina
500/500 health
500/500 mana
500/500 stamina)

-Make sure you subtract the CORRECT values per turn. Do NOT subtract mana from STAMINA. Math is important, and so is reading. If you make a mistake, simply edit it. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU USE ADVANCED REPLY AND NOT QUICK REPLY SO YOU CAN USE THE PREVIOEW BUTTON TO CHECK YOUR MATH AND ETC.

-KEEP YOUR STATS OPEN WHILE BATTLING. this will provide ease of access and quicker fights.

Multiple Person Battles(even):

A multi person battle is a battle of teams. If it is even, you may have a 2 on 2 or a 3 on 3.
If you are having a battle bigger than a 1 on 1, then you must specify it in the very first post (creating the topic). (usually, for stories, an admin will create the topic)

In the first post, you must specify which team each person is on.
team 1: Me, Bobby
team 2: Mike, Bruce)

After that, you must ALSO specify the order in which everyone attacks. THE ORDER MUST FOLLOW ONE RULE:
-The order in which everyone takes their turns must alternate between teams.
1st: me
Last: Bruce (teams are same as above) The turns alternate between teams.


Multiple Person Battle (uneven)

If you are having a multiperson battle that is uneven (YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 1 on 2 or 2 on 3), then it's different.

If it is a 1 on 2, it goes like this:
-Solo person goes
-team member 1
-solo person
-team member 2 (repeat)

If it is a 2 (small team) on 3 (big team):
-small team member 1
-small team member 2
-big team member 1
-big team member 2
-big team member 3

Teambattle against Admin

A team battle against an admin is where you and a team of people battle either a singular boss, or a group of enemies. They are quite simple:
(maximum team size is 5)

If it's a single Boss (5 players):
-team member 1
-team member 2
-team member 3
-team member 4
-team member 5

If it's against a group:

-Your entire team takes it's turn
-the admin posts the turn of every enemy

Well, that's basically it!

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Battle Manual
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