A text-centered multiplayer rpg game based on forum work. Create your account, create your story, and jump into this world playing through either one of the many storylines or simply completing quests and battling it out with friends.
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Level 3: Student
Level 3: Student

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PostSubject: Dama   Dama I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 22, 2011 5:33 pm

Bio:Dama was born into a family of violent swordsmen and warriors. When he proved during training his physical detriments, his family cast him aside, and focused on his younger brother, who they found to be much more agile and powerful. Dama's sibling would take him down in every fight. Soon, however, Dama was found to have an important ability. Intelligence. With unparalleled strategy and counters, Dama was favored by the intellectuals of his community. His parents, however, were disgusted. During a sparring practice with his brother, Dama punctured a nerve in his sibling's neck, rendering him unable to fight. Having their prized possession made useless by their weak son, they threw him into the wild. There, Dama found a shining blue bow, made of fine metal. He discovered it belonged to one of his ancestors, from the intellectual branch. His discovery of them being former archers amazed him. Dama then set out to carve arrows from the trees in the wild. He practiced there for a year, hunting in the wild to feed himself, and returned to his community. The intellectuals were the first to welcome him, taking him into one of their chambers. There he discovered two other children, one boy and one girl. A man of about 20 was sitting on a mat in front of the two standing children. He smiled warmly at Dama, and introduced himself. Dama was to be hidden from everyone, as were these two other children. He was one of the three kids chosen for "special" training. The boy, who revealed himself as Kazama, was training in weapons and hand to hand fighting. The girl's name was Shira, and she was training in magic. Dama was to be trained in alchemy. After the three completed their training, they were sent to a camp to further their training.
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